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Poor, in the final analysis, or because your imagination is too poor.

There has been such a story on the Internet:

A girl bought a 35,000 yuan Chanel shirt, after washing, lost color, and asked the customer service.

Customer service said, I am sorry, our products never consider washing, this product is not designed to wash at all, usually it is to be thrown a few times.

The netizens exclaimed: It is poverty that limits our imagination.

Is it really poverty that limits our imagination? No, on the contrary, it is our imagination that limits our poverty.


.Give you five hundred million, what will you do with it?

The friend said with a joke, what gave me five hundred million, what else do I still use, of course, nothing is done!

A few years later, when I saw the situation of my friends and I, I realized the gap between the thinking of the poor and the thinking of the rich.

What is poor thinking? What are the fundamental differences in thinking between the poor and the rich?

There is such a fable story:

There is a poor man who bursts in front of the Buddha and tells the hardships of life.

He complained: This society is too unfair, why are rich people leisurely and comfortable every day, and the poor are suffering every day?

Buddha asked: "Why do you feel fair?" The poor said: "Let the rich be as poor as me, and do the same."

Buddha agreed, and he turned a rich man into a poor person like the poor. They were given a coal mountain for each of them, and the coal that was dug out every day could be sold out, and the light was dug within a month.

The poor and the rich are excavating together.
















This is also the root cause of "the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer." So how do we change the "poor" thinking and gradually build a "rich" thinking?


The most brief definitions of assets and liabilities are as follows:

Assets are things that put money in your pocket.

Liabilities are things that take money away from your pocket.

It's very simple. If you want to get rich, you only need to buy assets continuously in your life. If you want to become poor or become a middle class, you only need to constantly buy liabilities.

Please keep these words in mind:

The rich buy assets;

The poor only have to pay;

The middle class buys what they think is the debt of assets.


Keep these 9 mind maps in mind, you are the winner!

1. The general outline of the stock market map


2. K-line foundation


3. The basis of the moving average


4, tangent basis


5. Indicator Analysis


6. Statistical Analysis


7. Stock selection method


8. Plate rotation


9. Various scams in the stock market


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xxIt's hard to make money that you don't believe: there is a big distance between knowing and believing, and the real cognition is to believe, even believe.

The market is the protagonist of the market changes, and the performance of investors is just an inconspicuous supporting role. There should be enough time and space for the market, rather than busy with themselves; should wait for the market to give a clear direction, otherwise, busy The ending can only be a void. The key to the problem is: Why people are always busy. This is the result of desire. When people focus their eyes on money instead of the market and themselves, they always think about the market and hope. Grasping and not wanting to lose. However, it can be found that the market has no market, and its meaning is more important. Because only by recognizing this, we will understand the value of rest and waiting.

The establishment of the trading system is humanized, and the execution of the system is inhuman in a sense. The trading instructions following the computer are a mechanical, monotonous, boring, lonely job that requires traders. With great patience and will. Holding a huge amount of long-term and prolonging the market's violent fluctuations for a long time, traders' emotions are often subject to great pressure, which requires traders to use strong will to suppress I have a strong desire to close my position. I am truly mechanical, unshakable, 100%, and execute every instruction issued by the computer.

Regarding the definition of opportunity, many traders feel that they are drawing two trend lines on the market trend chart. The market is really coming out in this direction. This should be an opportunity that is absolutely seized by itself. In fact, the analysis is only the first. Step, because the prediction does not bring absolute results, the key is how to keep up with the rhythm of the market after the forecast, think about it, there are many times the analysis is very good, the confidence is very good before entering the market, the last The results also proved that their analysis is reliable, but they can't make money, or they never dare to enter the market, or they enter the market too early to stop at the last time they wash.















正如Edwin Livormer在他的经典着作《股票作手回忆录》中所说,“华尔街的傻瓜认为他必须一直交易。对我而言,我从不想为我赚大钱,但我坐着。你明白吗?我坐仍然是“


在我看来,没有市场背后的法律。您使用什么样的理论和想法来看待市场并定位市场?你看到什么样的市场,以及你将拥有什么样的投资行为模式。这个市场并不缺乏明星,只缺少生日明星。 “如果你处在薄薄的冰面上,比如深渊”,尊重市场,适应市场,控制风险将永远是投资者的基础。











Trading stocks is a very difficult process. Because the basic majority of investors are basically self-study! They touch the stones and cross the river! Therefore, Chinese investors are not easy! In the stock market, what should be learned, how to learn! Everyone is thinking non-stop! Many retail investors in the heart In the depths, I always hope to master a technology, through this technology to make myself invincible. That is to hope to find or learn a set of techniques that can not be lost, in fact, this is impossible! Trading is a low-lying, but comprehensively demanding industry, and is an uneven world, the winners take all. So there is no good leader, don't enter this market easily.

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